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CBD information

CBD and CBDa are extracted from hemp (cannabis) and are cannabinoids.

Hemp contains over 80 different cannabinoids. One of these is THC (which gets users high).

CBD and CBDa have antipsychotic effects (opposite to THC) and does not get you high.

CBD or CBDa:

The industry tends to favor a combination of CBD and CBDa. Numerous studies favor the addition of CBDa (the a stands for acid).


What can CBD do for me:

Since it not an official medicine we can only list what we have seen, heard and read.

This is due to the fact that governments and the pharmaceutical industries want to control the market (they do not like natural products that help people because they cannot make money from it).


People report and studies show that CBD has a positive effect on:

- COPD and asthma

- Cancer

- Schizophrenia and certain types of epilepsy

- Anxiety

- Reduce the intoxicating effects of THC

- Reduce smoking